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Effective Pandemic Preparedness Protocol in Ontario

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Over the years you have trusted Power King in keeping your exhaust system clean & safe. However, chances are good that you have been affected by the devastating emerging Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Chances are also good that you do not have a Pandemic Preparedness Protocol currently in place for the safety of your building, staff, and the families that live or work there. Many restaurants and facilities are already using this service. We can cost-effectively disinfect your entire restaurant and kitchen in approximately an hour. Our service technicians have been trained by Bongo Services for pandemic preparedness protocol. We successfully fog restaurants, nursing homes, universities, pharmaceutical companies, and other places.

Our service begins with the use of a specific sanitizer named Ultralyte that attacks these viruses, head-on.

Ultralyte kills all known bacteria, spores, mould, and viruses, including all avian flu varieties and airborne pathogens.
It is entirely safe to handle, requires no PPE, and can be applied safely while people are in the room or area.
It replaces all of your current toxic sanitizing products.
The research has shown that it is more effective than Virox.

Have the most up-to-date control in place to keep this serious pandemic at bay.

Stay Prepared for the Pandemic

It only takes minutes but can save lives. Count on us to set up your Pandemic Preparedness Protocol effectively.

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