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Spotless and Safe

Kitchen exhaust system cleaning service, at your convenience.

Reliable Industrial Kitchen Cleaning Services in Ontario

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Do you know the accumulated grease in your kitchen vents can cause a fire hazard? Protect your business and kitchen by getting your exhausts cleaned periodically. Power King Exhaust Cleaning offers industrial kitchen cleaning services in all of Ontario and GTA. We provide exhaust cleaning, pressure washing and degreasing services for your kitchen. We know your work keeps you busy, so leave the exhaust cleaning to us. We have a team of cleaning technicians that will do the job for you. Contact us now for a free quote.

Industrial and Commercial Services

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Whether you are a fast food chain or a small community centre, if you have a kitchen, we can help you keep it clean and safe. We offer industrial and commercial kitchens with exhaust cleaning and degreasing services. We not only ensure your cooking stations and exhaust systems are clean, but also make sure that they are at peak efficiency. As your exhaust systems and ventilation play an important role in fire prevention, you need to keep them clean. We offer cleaning and sanitizing services for your entire exhaust system including hoods, fans and flues. Our technicians will make sure your kitchen has proper ventilation and no flammable residue is left behind and allowed to build up.


NFPA Standards

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Our cleaning services are eco-friendly and comply with NFPA standards. We also provide services for fire prevention work. Checking your kitchen’s exhaust system for any grease or flammable residue allows us to avoid any fire hazards. We are insured and bonded by the province of Ontario.

Available at Your Convenience

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We know how it would be an inconvenience to your business if we came in at peak business hours to clean your cooking stations and exhaust systems. To make it easier on you, our technicians can come in to clean your restaurants and kitchens after your business hours. Our technicians are available from Sunday to Thursday.

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35 Years of Experience

A team of skilled cleaning technicians available even after business hours.

Exhaust Cleaning

Keeping your kitchen clean and safe, according to NFPA 96 standards.

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